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Who are we ?

Maquiza is a 30 year old Mexican company that specializes in manufacturing Aftermarket Heavy Duty Truck Replacement Engine Parts. Some of our working lines are the production of flywheels, flywheel (bell) housings, transmission (clutch) housings, oil pans, air crossovers, front covers, etc., for the top commercial Diesel engines like Cummins®, International Navistar®, Mercedes Benz®, Detroit Diesel®, Perkins®, Caterpillar®, Ford®, Dodge®, etc.; and for transmissions like Fuller® & Spicer®. We work in our own – in house - iron and aluminum foundries. With the use of permanent & green sand castings molds, we give top quality to our products. Our primary equipment includes computerized numerically controlled (CNC´s) machining centers and lathes.


Our truck parts are huge distributed in the whole area of Mexico. We are selling Maquiza products to all over the United States and Canada; to Countries like China, South Africa, UAE, England, Australia and Central & South America. Our factory and main building are located in the city of Monterrey (very near from the U.S.-Mexican border at Laredo, TX).

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We are Manufacturers of Flywheels, Flywheel Housings, Oil Pans, Clutch Housings, and many more

*** Maquiza manufactures all of the products that are displayed in this page. The original names, part numbers & descriptions are used for reference only. Cummins is a registered trademark of Cummins, Inc., Caterpillar is a registered trademark of Caterpillar, Inc., Navistar is a registered trademark of Navistar Int. Transportation Corp., Mercedes Benz is a registered trademark of Mercedes Benz, Inc., Detroit Diesel is a registered trademark of Detroit Diesel Corp.